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firewood Supply and Delivery

At Shane’s Trees, we turn most of the trees we cut down into wood chips – but the best hardwoods get saved, split, seasoned and sold as top quality firewood to keep our friends and clients warm and toasty in the winter months.

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Firewood delivery sydney wide

Why Eucalypt hardwood?

Sydney Firewood Delivery

Eucalypt is an Australian native hardwood and one of the best timbers in the world to burn. It burns hot for long and leaves little soot and ash. Plus it smells great.

The main wood ingredients of our hardwood mix include blackbutt, blue gum and ironbark.

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Firewood + Delivery Costs…

Here are our current costs:

Deliveries within the Sutherland Shire:

Delivery & GST inclusive

1 cube delivered$310
2 cube delivered$465
4 cube delivered$850
6 cube delivered$1,210

Deliveries across Sydney and Wollongong:

Delivery & GST inclusive

1 cube delivered$355
2 cube delivered$510
4 cube delivered$880
6 cube delivered$1,265

Pick-Up from Sutherland Shire

Call to book pick-up time

GST Inclusive

1 cube pick-up$245
2 cube pick-up$440
4 cube pick-up$825
6 cube pick-up$1,190

Our wood is delivered in small tipper trucks and utes. A space to tip is required. All listed prices are inclusive of GST.

Stacking and carting firewood

Take the fuss out of your delivery and get our driver to move and stack it for you.
Shane’s Trees charge a flat fee of $200 for stacking and carting your timber from the truck to your desired storage point.

Please note** The driver can not cart wood further than a 20m radius from the drop point, up or down stairs or any steep hills.

If you need a smaller amount, we have a designated pick-up area in the Sutherland Shire where you can fill up your trailers with as much wood as you like.

Contact us on 0437 726 726 for location details and pick-up times.

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Get A Complimentary Fast Quote

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Some factors that might affect your quote…

The size of your tree. Generally, the bigger it is, the longer it takes to remove – and the more space vegetation takes up in our trucks!

Ease of access. Trees around properties with steep embankments are often difficult to load onto vehicles.

Equipment needed. Certain projects require the use of barges, cranes and even helicopters which may be reflected in your quote.

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