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Calculate The Cost of Your Stump Grinding Project

We understand that, before you ask us for a formal quote, you might find it useful to get a ball-park figure and a feel for how much your stump grinding might cost.

Our Stump Grinding Price Calculator is built to do exactly that – give you a rough idea of what you’re likely to pay for your project. Just measure the diameter of your stump in centimetres and add it to the field provided. We’ll handle the rest!

    What Happens Next?

    The calculator is our best online estimate – so we recommend getting a full confirmatory quote from us, too. Just forward your results of the cost calculator (along with your contact info!) and we’ll get an accurate quote over to you.

    How Do we Remove Your Tree Stumps?

    Our state-of-the-art stump grinding machines make removing tree stumps a whole lot easier. They have a cutting wheel with tungsten teeth that spins at high speed and helps systematically grind away at a tree stump until it becomes sawdust!


    Our reliable team is made up of Cert 3, Cert 5 and Cert 8 arborists (all experienced climbers!) with a wealth of industry knowledge.



    35 years of experience, 40,000+ clients and 3 ISO accreditations – we’re the expert tree removers that get the job done right the first time


    We always prioritise the welfare of your family and your property by combining strict policies with tears of industry experience.


    You need to know that your tree (that you’re responsible for!) Isn’t going to cause damage to your neighbours or their property and leave you with a legal issue, That’s why Shane’s Trees has full liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

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