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Very happy with the services and pleasant to deal with, they went far and beyond. Fair quote and fast booking. Very good communication, it was raining and they took the time to message me and say they will come over the next day. They tidy up and rack up the leaves after the job is done. Just call Shane's Tress, no need to waste time with other Arborist. I am keep their number in my bookmark for future job. 2 months ago
Great service, really simple and fast. Can't recommend anything better for such a cheap price. Seriously good! 2 months ago
Very experienced crew. Worled at school. Fast and efficient 2 months ago
Excellent service, friendly and professional. They did a great job, will be using them again. 2 months ago
Shane's Trees have been excellent to deal with. They were fast in quoting and doing the job. Their price was very competitive and the job was well done. I will definitely be using them again and highly recommend them. 2 months ago
Shane's Trees were by the far the best, easiest and most pleasant arborists to deal with. When we found a very large gum was dying and posing a threat to our house we had a few businesses come and quote. The guys from Shane's Trees were the only ones to be on time and provide a very competitive quote. They even went as far to take the time to explain in detail the reasons behind the dying tree - turns out it suffered from Bracket Fungus (I had never even heard of that before). We ended up getting a few more trees pruned including a very tall gum tree. None of what we needed done was a problem to these guys. We accepted their quote and had all the works done the same day. I had heard stories of arborists not cleaning up after themselves, but these guys not only had all the work done in one day, but they cleaned up so well that it was like we had no work done at all. Every bloke on the job site were super friendly and helpful. They were all cheery and it really looked like they love the work they do and take great pride in their craft. If we ever need more work done we will not bother looking around for anyone else, we'll be calling Shane's trees again. Could not be happier and will 100% definitely be recommending the boys. Thanks again. 2 months ago
Ben and the guys at Shane's Trees did a great job at our place. We had several trees including a large tree hanging over the house and they were removed very professionally and safely. I can highly recommend this company. 2 months ago
Best in the East. Quick quotes and looked after our property. Thankyou Shane’s Trees team. 3 months ago

Tree Removal Service in Campbelltown


Are you looking for a professional and reliable tree removal company in Campbelltown? Search no more. We are a team of well-trained and accredited arborists who are dedicated and take pride in their work; we offer a fast, cost-effective and friendly service to you. Whether you require tree pruning or stump removal services, our dedicated team will work with you and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our expertise and experience make us your best choice in offering you excellent tree cutting services. Join the rest of the residents in Campbelltown and make us your preferred Tree removal company. Feel free to reach us via our contacts.

Our tree care services include;

  • Tree removal-There is a variety of reasons why a tree may require to be removed. It could be rotting, dying or dead. The tree could also be a hazard to your home during storms or overshadowing your yard. Whatever your reason may be, our dedicated experts are always ready to provide the best tree cutting job. We understand safety is paramount and our ground crew is always cleaning up through the entire job. By the time we are through, the only evidence we were there will be the one less tree.
  • Tree pruning-It is an art and science that most people ignore and don’t take seriously. Our experience has shown us regular and professional trimmings improve the look and the health of your trees. Our experts look at trimming as a way to remove the dangerous branches, restoring the tree’s original symmetry, and assessing the health of the tree in the process. Our arborist reports will help you improve the landscape of your home in addition to the improved health and beauty of your trees.
  • Stump grinding and removal– tree stumps are an eyesore within the landscapes in our properties. They are distracting when they attract insects such as bees, ants and termites. We pride ourselves in owning state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment that will manage any size of your tree stump. When you reach out to us, our professional arborists will come to your property and assess the nature and requirements of the stump removal. Let’s us handle the messy work and leave a proper, beautiful landscape for you

Why choose us?

  • Licensed and trustworthy arborists who will offer the best consultation on your tree removal needs.
  • Quick response to your emergency and while offering fast and friendly service.
  • We maintain the integrity and serenity of your landscapes
  • Modern and up-to-date equipment to enable us to render the perfect job for you
  • Professional customer service and engagement to guarantee the client’s satisfaction
  • Fair and competitive pricing that has no hidden costs whatsoever.

If you require tree removal services in Campbelltown and the surrounding areas, kindly give us a call today. Our qualified team is ready and waiting to respond to your queries and emergencies. It’s a privilege for us to work with you to create the perfect landscape. Feel free to contact us and get your free quote.