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How Much Will it Cost To Remove My Tree?

There are many factors that effect the cost of pruning and removing trees. Check out our answer video where Ben outlines the basics of how costs are calculated. After you have watched the video you can check out our tree removal prices page and use the tree removal calculator on the same page.

Who is Shane?

"Who is Shane" is our most common question, check out the video for our response :)

Where do we Work?

In short, we have 2 home bases, 1 in sydney and 1 in Wollongong which allows us to have a service area spanning from as far south as Nowra, as Far north as the Northern Beaches and west out into the southern highlands.

Is it a Free Quote?

Absolutely.. No obligation free quotes

Do we take stump grindings away?

Generally we dont need to as the stump grindings are great for filling the hole in the ground that is left. If a customer has a specific requirement for us to remove the stump grinding then yes, of course we can.

Do you Giveaway Free Mulch?

We do giveaway free mulch yes. There is a fee for us to cover the cost of staff and equipment costs for delivery. Alternatively, we have free mulch pickup location, you can find the details on this page

Are You Insured?

Absolutely we are, Public Liability, workers comp, public indemity

Are You A Qualified Arborist?

Yes I am

How Many Qualified Arborists Do You Have?

Currently we have around 10 qualified arborists working at shanes trees so you can feel comfortable that you are getting the right person for the job.

Whats the Difference Between A Qualified Arborist and An UnQualified Arborist

The answer is they have not had the formal training that A qualifed arborists has. This means they may lack the ability to foresee known dangers and risks, they may put the tree at risk by pruning the wrong way and they may not use the industry standard rigging techniques and procedures.

Can I Cut Down A Tree on A Neighbours Property?

The answer is 'Maybe' depending on certain criteria. In some cases you can legally prune your neighbours tree without their approval but this is of course bad practice and you are better off havng a conversation with them and coming to an agreement.

My Neighbour refused to remove a dangerous tree. What can I do?

Legally, depending on the council area you might be able to prune trees that are overhanging your property line, but we would not be able to enter the neighbours property to do so. In this case we may need a crane or specialised climbing techniques to do the pruning from your side of the fence.

Do I need council approval?

The answer is sometimes you do and this really varies significantly depending on tree species and your local council regulations. Other factors that could effect this are if the tree is over your house, is the tree seriously compromised and an immenint risk to life or property, are you in a 10/50 zone.

My Tree has Just Snapped, can you remove it now?

Yes, if a tree has been significantly damaged in a storm or some other event then a qualified arborist is usually permitted to make safe and remove that tree.

Whats the Pay rate?

The amount that we will pay you as a Shanes Trees employee depends on your Skillset, Work ethic and leadership abilities

Can I work Extra Hours?

There is overtime hours on offer just about everyday at shanes trees, so the answer is 'absolutely'.

Why are quotes so different across the companies?

because all the companies are not same, there are shonky operators out there that will tack extra things on at the end of the job and you will get extra charges. When you a quote from us this is the final quote and there will be no surprises at the end of the job.

Can you do it Cheaper?

yes sometimes, we can leave some wood onsite, leave some mulch, sometimes we can cut multiple trees in one visit to reduce some costs

Can I Pay Cash?

You can of course pay cash it is legal currency after all. We just cannot discount the gst component of the cost because you paid cash.

Do you do pensioner discount?

We dont do pensioner discount per-se, however we do have a soft spot for pensioners. In saying that, one of our core values is giving one time-first time fair quotes to every customer, so you will find the price we give to our younger customers and our pensioners will be almost identical.

Can you give a quote from a photo?

Sometimes we can, with certain trees you can tell a lot from a photo, but for some photos with poor perspective or jobs that are larger we really need to visit the site to assess all the variables.

Can you give me a price over the phone?

Rarely we can, but with so many variables we are not really comfortable until we visit the site. Since our onsite quotes are free and no obligation, there is no real reason to do phone quoting

Can you come out tomorrow?

Sometimes yes. We have 3 or more quoting staff on the road everyday and if they happen to be in your area they will do the quote right away. Because we cover a large area from the Northern Beaches to Nowra and the Southern Highlands our quoters will do all waiting quotes in the area they are in before moving to a new location.

How long is the turnaround time?

The majority of our jobs are done in a 7-14 day turnaround time, with all of them being done no longer than a 30 day turnaround. We realise people are busy, have deadlines and commitments so we always try to work our scheduling to a time thats suits you whenever possible.

How do you keep your employees safe?

Our company sets some of the highest safety practices in the Arboriculture industry and really is of world standards. Everyday and every job our team undertake toolbox safety discussion in relation to the specific job we are about to complete. During this discussion we identify every foreseeable risk associated with the job and thje appropriate mittigation strategies

Can fat arborists climb trees?

I get asked this Question way to much..lol. The answer is 'yes', but it is just a bit more difficult than it used to be?