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Macca, Sam, Craig and Shane cut back our trees and were such a delight. They were friendly, professional and really efficient. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They cleaned up the yard and left it tidier than it was when they got here. We will definitely use them again, They were outstanding. Thank you Shane's Trees. 5 months ago
We have an huge old gum tree in our back yard that was dropping branches & lumps of mistletoe and was a danger to my 94 years old father. The crew of Shane's trees came and removed all the dead dangerous timber and cleaned the tree up and made it safe. My Dad can now use his back yard safely. The guys were professional and courteous and made sure Dads flower garden was protected while they worked. 5 months ago
We had a large job which we thought would take days to complete but the wonderful team was amazing and completed the job within the same day and far beyond our expectation. They were professional and friendly and cleaned up when they were done, leaving our backyard looking completly transformed. It was so impressive watching the team remove these enormous trees with precision. We are so happy that we used Shane's tree and would absolutely recommend them. 6 months ago
Thanks to John and the team for a job well done on a difficult prune and remediation. No fuss, very professional and best of all no mess. If it wasn't for the neat and tidy tree you would never have known they were there :). Highly recommend Shane's Trees. 6 months ago
Shane's Trees have just completed a big job at my place which involved the removal of several trees, overgrown shrubs, weeds etc. and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of work done. Michael, Scott and the whole team were friendly, polite and courteous. The team were hard-working and didn't leave until the whole place was cleaned up. I will be using them for further work in the future. Thanks Cheryl 7 months ago
Large gum tree was taken down 17/4/20. The team is as professional as any I have seen. They left the site clean and tidy. More importantly our surrounding garden is crammed with a huge variety of plants and at jobs end there no damage. Great service and highly recommended. 7 months ago
We would recommend Shane's Trees Removals 1000%. Ben and his team were all very professional, skilled workers and easy to deal with. They were very considerate to our neighbours and cleaned up immaculately. Special thanks to Cale for keeping us informed on the progress and the tree climber was highly skilled. Thanks again! 7 months ago
Awesome experience from quote to completion. I have a huge jacaranda tree in the front yard over hanging my 1920's house. Dropping leaves on the roof, blocking the gutters to my water tank. Problem solved & more sunlight on my lawn. They also removed branches touching my power lines. Very safe & efficient with a cherry picker, & a nice bunch of blokes. Confirming along the way what i wanted done & how much to take off. Exciting to watch how they were going to avoid any damage. Was very impressed. Great price, great service & great results! 8 months ago
Fantastic crew leaving no mess and a very good attitude, fast and effective service. Would recommend! 1 year ago

So you’ve just had your application approved by council and now its time to find out prices for tree removal in Sydney. You have come to the best page, because we are not only going to explain how tree services costs are calculated, but we will provide you with an accurate Tree Removal Calculator that will give an estimate inline with our real tree removal quotes. Furthermore, we will tell all the other things to be careful of that will probably have never thought about without coming to this page.

We hope you get tonnes of value from this post, so here is a brief overview of the topics we will be covering:

What factors affect Tree Removal Prices?

cost guide for tree removal

A normal price range for tree removal can be anywhere from $300 to over $8,000+. Try our Tree Removal Calculator to get more accurate figures by using your own job specs
  • Size of the Tree– A larger tree requires more man power to bring it down, higher load on equipment and costs are much higher to dispose of the waste compared to a smaller tree
  • Type of Tree– Tree waste may need to be disposed of differently for different species (ie cannot be recycled), and large hardwood trees may be more time consuming to process than a small softer tree
  • Condition of the Tree– Tree that have disease or significant rot are often to risky for our arborists to climb, which usually means we need equipment such as cranes or cherry pickers to bring it down safely, adding to your costs
  • Access– If the tree is located around the back of a property where we cannot position our trucks and chippers, then it either has to be manually handled to the street or lifted using machinery. Other access considerations include stairs and obstacles, vertical aspect of the property (may be to steep to carry waste to front), waterfront tree removal requiring barge access, Tree limbs positioned over house or structures that prevent limbs from being dropped by a climber and must be lifted by crane. Variations in access and equipment / manpower needed will make the most variations in your tree services quote.

Other Tree Service Cost Considerations

  • Emergency – If we need to call out staff to attend to emergency situations such as fallen trees from a storm then this would normally always result in extra costs
  • Tipping Fees / Waste Removal – Most contractors will bill separately for waste removal. factors that effect the cost or tree waste removal include the suburb you are in and the type of tree waste being generated. If you request to have the tree waste left in location for example then you will not incur an extra cost for this. Our tree costs calculator take waste removal into consideration.

Stump Removal

Your Tree Removal Quote will generally not include the cost of removing the tree stump unless otherwise stated. We always recommend removing the stump as it may sprout new branches and get in the way of your newly created yard space. It also just looks a lot better. Speak to us about including the cost to remove the stump in your main quote.

Understanding Tree Services

For many people, seeking the services of a tree removal company can be a daunting task. A quick google search for tree services in Sydney will return dozens of contractors putting their hand up to do the task, but how do you sift through the list to find the right arborist for the job?

Firstly, you should understand that you are not legally required to have any formal Arborist Qualifications to become a “Tree Lopper” in New South Wales. This means that any regular Joe can advertise to remove your trees for a fee. To become a qualified Arborist, the individual must complete a certificate 3 in arboriculture as a minimum, and this will qualify them as a certified climbing arborist.

At Shane’s Trees You don’t need to worry about our skill set. We have been in business for over 35 years and all our climbing Arborists have a minimum of Cert 3 Arboriculture and above. Along with this we have all the tools and equipment to handle any size job over several teams and have full public liability insurance. There is no risk to you at all and you will see our quotes are the best value in the industry. Call us or leave your details in the form to have a quote within the hour.

For over 35 years, Shanes Trees arborists have proudly and safely provided our tree services across the entire Sydney region including the Northern Beaches, Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and the Sutherland Shire. Our tree loppers also service the Illawarra and southern highlands as far down the south coast as Kiama.

  • Tree Removal
    Complete removal wholes trees, trunks and branches
  • Tree Lopping
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Arborist Reports
  • Land Clearing

Stump Grinding

Our preferred and fastest method of stump removal is with our stump grinder. This machine will grind the stump into very small wood chips that can be used as garden mulch, leaving a finished height at just below ground level, meaning it cannot be seen and there are no remaining trip hazards.

Tree Removal Calculator

Our aim in developing the Tree Removal Estimate Calculator is not only to provide our potential clients with a useful resource but also prove our commitment to fair, consistent and value for money quoting.

Read This Before Using the Calculator:

We have designed and refined this Tree Removal Price Calculator to be as accurate as we possibly can and prove our commitment to fair and consistent quoting.
In saying this, we have noticed generally that the larger the job, the more intricacies and variables arise that are difficult to program into the calculator. Be aware that these are our best online estimates only, but we have made it simple to forward the results and your details onto us for a confirmatory quote. If you choose to forward your details to us on the results page, we will usually be able to have an accurate quote back to you within a couple of hours.


    Don’t know where to start? Cutting down these large statures can be a risky venture and should only be attempted by professional arborists with the right equipment, permits and skills. Most of the time you will also need to have Council Permission to remove a tree from your property. Shane’s trees are experts in their field and can help you determine whether your tree qualifies for tree removal.

    Some examples of situations where the council will give permission to remove a tree are as follows:

    • It is likely to cause substantial property damage to houses or buildings
    • There is substantial evidence that it is structurally unstable and there is a high degree of hazard (arborist report and testing may be required for significant trees)
    • It is causing substantial and continuing structural damage to a dwelling or structure (structural engineering assessment may be required)
    • If it is in poor and declining health (with a short life expectancy) and there are no options to mitigate the decline in health
    cutting tree for removal

    It is easier to cut large branches from the ground when a crane is available to position them

    Tree removal using a crane and a truck

    The crane is also handy to load branches straight onto the truck

    Tree Stump Removal

    After having a tree removed from your property there will always be a stump left in the ground. This is also true if you have a rotten or diseased tree blow over in strong winds or other circumstances. Anyone who tried to remove a stump before knows this is a very difficult task as digging it out is nearly impossible, thanks to an established tree root system and burning is not always possible. Our arborist’s use a Stump Grinding machine for this task which is basically a large grinding flywheel connected to a powerful machine engine.

    Shane’s Trees

    We offer professional tree removal services in Sydney, and have done so for the past 35 years. We have all the tools and equipment to tackle any size tree with any type of access constraints. Shane’s Trees have qualified arborists and we only let experienced climbers carry out our tree lopping services. From Tree Pruning Sydney, tree trimming, snipping, removal, crown raising and reduction, arborist reports, free wood chip delivery, quotes and advice, you can’t go past our team

    Shane’s Trees would love to help you with your arborist report. call us on 02 9528 4507