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Everything You Need To Know About  Tree Trimming

  Tree trimming is a procedure that aims to reduce the size and length of tree branches. It involves the removal of specific branches and stems to benefit the whole tree. Tree trimming is a specialized procedure that requires a specific way of cutting the branches and the knowledge to identify which branches need to be gotten rid of. Hence, it is important to hire a tree removal company to ensure that the trimming is done professionally

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Improve the Health of your trees; trimming involves the removal of dead and dying branches that may cause decay for your trees. Trimming allows for enough sun exposure and increased air circulation, which contributes to a healthy tree.

Safety for your family; dead or decaying branches on the trees tend to be weak and often fall on their own. This can be dangerous for your family and even pets. Removing these branches is crucial for the safety of your loved ones.

Great appearance of the trees; Australians in general love their trees and plants for their aesthetic and therapeutic nature to our human souls. Trimming ensures that trees do not develop limbs with weak crotches that often overgrow on each other while competing for space. Tree trimming will enhance the appearance of your compound, leaving it neat and beautiful. Trimming is done for aesthetics purposes.

Improves Yield; this applies to certain trees especially those that produce fruit. Trimming enables the tree to receive enough sun exposure and air circulation necessary for production. Besides tree trimming, other services that help improve your tree’s health include tree pruning, and tree mulching.

Types of Tree Trimming

Dead Wooding

This involves the removal of limbs from a tree that are

–  Dead

–  Infested with pests

–  Developed a disease This process is intended to remove a source of food for pests and to avoid accidents caused by falling limbs

Crown Lifting

This process involves lifting the crown of the tree. It involves the removal of low branches so that they do not obstruct buildings or block pathways. It is crucial to ensure that you don’t over trim or remove major lower branches to prevent sunburn and decay

Tree Topping

It is also referred to as heading. This technique reduces the size of a tree. This method is not recommended because it results to a weak tree. Besides, the method does not specify which branches should or shouldn’t be cut. As a result, trees are prone to problems such as Sunburn, Decay, Pest infections and Disease.

Crown Reduction

This is a tree trimming technique that allows you to reduce the height and spread of a tree’s crown. The cuts are small so as to reduce the stress of heavy Branches. Do not remove more than 1/4 of a living crown at a ago.

Picking a Tree Trimming Company

Tree trimming is essential and is best done by a qualified tree services company. Besides tree trimming, tree services companies offer other services such as tree pruning, and tree mulching.

–  Professionalism; ensure that the company has qualified arborists who have enough experience in tree trimming

–  High-end equipment; this will get the job done in the best way possible

–  Accreditation and licensing; ensure that the company is licensed to operate within your area.  

Tree Trimming Tips

It is advisable that you trim your trees during the dormant season because the tree is not experiencing active growth. The most appropriate time is during late winter. Ensure you do not trim either too close or too long. This means that you should not leave a large stub or remove the branch collar. Only trim branches that have weak, V-shaped narrow angles and retain those with strong U-shaped angles. It is recommended that you trim away branches when they are young because there are less likely to leave nasty scars  

Trimming during late winter has a couple of benefits which include:

–  The trimming should heal faster, leaving the tree strong.

–  During this season there is less risk of infestation from diseases and pests.

–  Trees often have their leaves off during this period and this makes improves visibility when trimming

–  There is a minimal flow of Sap which usually attracts pests. Arborists recommend that you trim your trees once a year during the dormant season. However, this may vary depending on the tree species. Some trees such as pine can be trimmed any time of the year.