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Need A Tree Removed in Kiama?

For over 35 amazing years, Shane’s Trees tree removal company has been servicing the south coast including wollongong and Kiama. The keys to our success has been able to offer a very high level of service to all our clients at prices which are competitive with anyone else in the industry. We employ a very experienced team of tree loppers with all our climbing arborists having a minimum of certificate 3 in arboriculture. When combined with our exceptional safety record, Qualifications and full public liability insurance, there really is no reason to look elsewhere to have a tree pruned or removed from your property.

Got an emergency tree job due to storm damage or some other accident? .. We are also on call 24/7 and work with anyone including domestic, commercial and government organizations. We have all the tool and equipment to handle any size tree removal in Kiama and the coast so call us anytime on 1300 SHANES

Why Work with Shane's Trees?

climbing arborist lopping a tree in Kiama

climbing arborist lopping a tree in Kiama

tree pruning and maintenance

tree pruning and maintenance

Professional Kiama Arborists

Shanes Trees has the solution if you are looking for tree removal services in Kiama. Our tree lopping and pruning techniques are apt at ensuring removal of dead, weak, infected, and diseased branches that may affect the beauty and growth of your trees, and surrounding environment. We understand the safety concerns posed by old trees and hanging branches that can fall at any time and cause irreparable damage to your car, home, or power lines.

Our experienced and qualified Arborists are available all over Kiama, shellharbour and Wollongong, feel free to call us anytime tree quotes and advice

35+ years Tree lopping Experience

Get the right advice from our qualified tree Arborists, they’ll educate you on everything you need to know about your upcoming tree removal or tree maintenance projects.

A council permit is usually required for all tree removal unless it is an exempt species. You can find information obtaining a tree removal permit from Kiama council, as well as information on the illegal removing or pruning of tree on this page.

Check out Some of Our Tree Services

Land clearing

As an experienced Tree removal company, Shane’s Trees arborists bring on board invaluable experience in dealing with hazards caused by tornadoes and storms. Our tree fellers do a thorough job of clearing both tree and vegetation debris from construction sites.

 Stump Grinding – Tree Stump Removal

our gas powered stump grinding machines can turn your tree into wood chip mulch. This makes it easy to clear and collect debris. Our stump machines have sharp cutting wheels and steel-clad carbide teeth. For smaller machines, we use pivot mechanism to enable the machine to be moved at a 180 degrees motion. Hydraulic pistons are our ideal control for bigger grinders.

Arborist Reports

when you get an inspection report from Shane’s arborists in Kiama, it’ll be easier getting rid of that dangerous tree in your land as per the local council requirements. Native tree and vegetation clearance in Australia can only be sanctioned after submission of an Arborist inspection report. Our arborists have the necessary Horticulture II and III certificates for professional tree climbing, supervising tree lopping and Worker insurance. We also have a liability insurance to cover all our clients.

Some of the contents we are required to submit in your Arborist report include:

✔ The main reason that you believe a tree is unsafe to be in your land. This requirement will vary depending on whether your land is privately or publicly owned.
✔ Method used to assess the tree
✔ A photographic and written report citing the recommendation given by our arborists
✔ Information concerning the type, species and disease of the tree.

For all your tree lopping needs in Kiama and the immediate areas, Shanes Trees is your best bet. We’re a professional and certified tree lopping company with a wealth of experience. If you need help to remove those old and weak or dead trees, or prune the crown to let some more sunshine in, call Shane today.