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Need A Tree Removed in Hurstville?

For the past 35 years, Shanes Trees have been the go to tree removal company in southern sydney for many residents and businesses in the region. With clear direction in safety for all our arborists and clients, commitment to fair and consistent pricing and a solid focus on fast and genuine customer service, its not hard to see why we have hundreds of 5 star reviews across the online space and by word of mouth.

The key to our growth has been an understanding of what our customers needs are in relation to any tree pruning, trimming or tree and stump removal projects that they have, and do it all for the best price possible. Secondary to this, our tree climbers are all certified to a minimum of certificate 3 in arboriculture and are experts in their field. As a company we hold full public liability and workers compensation policies, which allows us to give our clients a completely risk free experience.

tree removal near Hurstville NSW

Shane’s tree removal near Hurstville NSW

safety briefing before tree lopping operations

Tony giving a safety briefing before tree lopping operations

Professional South Sydney Arborists

Shane’s Trees is a professional tree removal company that has been serving Hurstville, St George and the Southern Sydney region for over 35 years. We attribute much of our success to our friendly and helpful approach to customer service and our commitment to fair and consistent pricing. We maintain a culture where any of our future clients can call us and ask any questions about an upcoming tree lopping or tree removal project. Our team will gladly provide all the guidance necessary, including help wih council approvals, tree management policy and arboriculture best practices.

We are very aware that most of you seeking a tree removal quote will ultimately be looking for the best price as your main selection criteria when choosing an Arborist. Shane’s Trees have got you covered there as well, as you will find our prices as competitive as anyone else in the game. On top of this, we were the first company to produce a tree removal price calculator, that will give all users a quote that is as close as we can without attending the job site. The reason we built the calculator was not only as value tool for the public, but to also demonstrate our commitment to fair and consistent pricing.


Hurstville Tree Removal Services

We offer all levels of tree services from simple palm tree pruning right up to large scale complex tree removal. We are a well established team with the resources to handle any size project and we work with everyone from the domestic homeowner right through to government organizations.

Tree Pruning / Tree Lopping / Tree Trimming

These terms are often used interchangably and for the most part mean the same thing. Pruning trees is generally to remove a few overgrown branches our reduce the crown of the vegetation for the purposes sunlight or safety.

Tree Removal

Usually associated with the complete removal of a tree branch or the whole tree including the trunk. Normally a tree will be cut into managable size pieces before being run through a wood chipper for easy transport from the job.

Stump Grinding – Tree Stump Removal

After a tree has been removed the stump will remain usually a foot or more above the ground. Shane’s trees use a stump grinder for stump removal as it is by far the fastest way of removing the remianing trunk and root to below ground level.

Arborist Reports

In most local sydney councils, residents will be required to submit a tree removal application before removing a tree. Usually an arborist report will be requried to accompany this documentation.

Woodchip mulch

Tree removal generates large amounts of tree waste that will usually be turned into woodchips for easy transport. The good thing about wood chips is it makes great bush or tree mulch that can be used around the garden or for larger scale area beautification.

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“We have a large industrial site we manage and have used Ben and his team at Shane’s Trees countless times over the years. Our jobs have included removing trees hanging over dangerous plant equipment to pruning over hanging trees on the main road that borders our site. As well as been friendly and great to deal with, Ben has always done outstanding work and is very motivated towards safety which is critical on or site… I really recommend you give shane’s trees a try for any scale of tree maintenance you need done!!”