Geographically wollongong is surrounded by large mountains such as ‘mount Keira’ and ‘mount kembla’, which are heavily forested and dense with trees species. These thick vegetation areas border on many of the residential and commercial districts meaning Tree Pruning and tree maintenance are a necessary occurrence. Our team are the tree lopping wollongong experts and have been serving the community with over 30 years arbor industry experience.

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Shane’s Trees have a very experienced team with enough equipment to run two full time tree removal teams. We have several tipper trucks, wood chippers, chainsaws, slings, ropes, pulleys, harnesses and follow only WHS compliant practices. We are fully insured and qualified arborists, which takes much of the risk away from you and we pride ourselves on our long standing safety record.

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The population of the Wollongong local government area is 292,190 making it the third largest city in new south wales and the 10th largest city in Australia. Referred to as “The Gong” by the locals it is geographically situated 82 kilometres (51 miles) south of Sydney on the narrow illawarra escarpment and the pacific ocean.

The metropolitian area of Wollongong runs from helensburgh at its north most point through to gerroa in the south and is part of the sydney basin. it is a regional centre for the fishing industry and also has many other heavy industries including the old steel works, coal mining and the port facilities. The city boasts an internationally recognised university of 37,000 students and is home to the Nan Tien Temple.

The aboriginal meaning of the name “wollongong” is believed to mean ‘Seas of the South’, tough there has been much debate on this with other suggested meanings such as “great feast of fish”, “song of the sea” and “Many Snakes”.

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