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Are you a head Greenkeeper or Golf Club Manager looking to partner with an experienced and careful Tree Management Company? At Shane’s Trees, we understand the sensitivities surrounding tree removal operations on your course and the need to leave the surrounding environment undisturbed. Damage caused by inexperienced operators dragging heavy trucks and machinery around your turf, will annoy the hell out of your greenkeepers and frustrate your loyal members. Over the years we have partnered with several golf courses to conduct regular large and small-scale tree maintenance, and with our wealth of expertise, we believe we would make a good fit for any other Sydney gold course looking for the same. Why Use Us?

  • Golf course trained experienced staff, we understand your business and requirements
  • Industry-leading safety standards. We conduct risk assessments before every job
  • Tools, crews and equipment for any scale of operations
  • Fully certified Arborists (Cert 3 minimum)
  • Full public liability Insurance

  If you would like a consultation to discuss the advantages of having us as your preferred tree removal contractors, then leave us a message or call us on 1300 SHANES


Shane’s Trees work with several Sydney golf courses in all aspects of tree maintenance